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Chattanooga Pivotal Therapy System™ 
Pivotal Therapy System

Pivotal Therapy components may be used individually to address specific problems or integrated to form a complete system to treat the entire spine. Using them is as easy as placing an orthotic in a shoe. Simple to use!

Pivotal Therapy System
Chattanooga Pivotal Therapy Set
Inc: #4502, #4504, #4506 & #4510
SALE $152.00

Chattanooga Occipivot
HPMS $35.00
On-Line Special
$29.95 Each

Cervical Pivot#4504
Chattanooga Cervical Pivot
HPMS $35.00
On-Line Special
$29.95 Each

Short Thoracic
Chattanooga Short Thoracic Pivot
On-Line Special
$34.50 Each

Short Thoracic Pivot#4508
Chattanooga Standard Thoracic Pivot
On-Line Special
$34.50 Each

Lumbar Pivot#4510
Chattanooga Standard Lumbar Pivot
SALE $67.00
*pricing applies to in-stock quantites

Lumbar Pivot#4512
Chattanooga Large Lumbar Pivot
SALE $67.00
*pricing applies to in-stock quantites


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128 Rockingham Rd Windham, NH 03087
T: 603-898-3909 Fax: 603-898-9348 

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Any shipments outside the continental U.S. will be notified of any additional necessary shipping funds.  Free shipping offers are continental U.S. only, ground service. 

NOTE: FDA regulations require proof of professional status prior to HPMS dispensing electrotherapy devices. Electrotherapy Equipment orders will not be processed without proof of professional status.

HPMS, Inc. dba The Therapy Connection 2006 
128 Rockingham Rd Windham, NH 03087
T: 603-898-3909 Fax: 603-898-9348
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